Walking in and around Manhattan Island and Beyond.

‘Walking in Manhattan’ in great detail: is an extensive walking project to walk every street, corner, park and bridge on the island of Manhattan and beyond the New York City. Walking around the city does prove challenging as it is not all flat and there are many hills to climb and bridges to cross.

Walking around Manhattan also shores up all the little ‘gems’ that you might not notice riding a bus, cab or subway. There are small community gardens staffed with people who believed in their neighborhoods when every else wrote them off, plaques and statues dedicated to people and events long forgotten and beautiful and unique architecture in danger of demolition¬† due to the change in environment that is not so friendly to history. Small museums and historical sites the line the island that get over-shadowed by the Met and the MoMA.

On a personal note, as someone who has been walking the streets of Manhattan and taking walking tours for years around New York City, I realized that I really don’t know the island as I am sure most ‘Manhattanites’ find as well. How could you know every corner of the island? There is so much to see!

Lastly, this blog of touring and walking the Streets and Avenues of the Island of Manhattan is dedicated to my father, Warren George Watrel, who was a Brooklynite, worked in the city for decades and an all around great dad. I dragged my father to whatever event, movie or walking tour was going on in the ‘Big Apple’ whenever we had time between our jobs and he always enjoyed them. His stroke several years ago robbed him of this but he never stopped living with me taking him to events and smaller museums and cultural events closer to home.

So as I walk miles of streets and tour dozens of parks and gardens, I dedicate this walk to him. Walking around Manhattan is interesting but is more fascination when you really take the time to look up and down and really pay attention to what is in front of you. My advice everyone, put the cellphones down and look around you. You are really missing the heart of the city.

Join me as I walk every street in Manhattan in my blog, “”.

With much love and dedication to my dad, Warren George Watrel.

3 thoughts on “ Walking in and around Manhattan Island and Beyond.

  1. Thank you for joining me in my journey around the Island of Manhattan. You don’t have to travel far to see the exotic or unusual folks. It is in your own backyard!
    Welcome to ‘’!

    Thank you, Author Justin Watral (Watrel)

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