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Day Two Hundred and Forty-Nine: This is dedicated to my father, Warren Watrel October 14th, 2022

I dedicate this blog to the man who inspired this walk around Manhattan and beyond. Whose sense of adventure and love of New York City always showed with each trip we made into New York City.

I love you Dad!

(My father and I at the Union Square Café Restaurant in 2009).


My Life as a Fireman: The Bergen County Firemen’s Home Association: October Meeting October 16th, 2022

Another productive meeting of the Bergen County Firemen’s Home Association.

The members of the Bergen County Firemen’s Home Association in 2019

The Bergen County Firemen's Home Association

We were welcomed back at the NJ State Firemen’s Home after almost a two-and-a-half-year absence. The last time we had had a meeting at the home it was the February meeting of 2020, right before the pandemic shut everything down.

The Bergen County Firemen’s Home Association at the August 2022 Barbecue

It was nice to be back at the NJ State Firemen’s Home again but we still had to follow protocol and everyone wore masks. We discussed organization business including the upcoming Christmas party. This party is especially popular with the residents because of the good cheer, a visit from Santa, wonderful entertainment and food and our annual gift to the residents which are extremely popular.

Because of COVID protocols are still in place, we were not allowed to interact with the guests as we had at the two summer barbecues. The home provided the entertainment that the Association paid…

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Hudock’s Custard Stand 544 Salem Quinton Road Salem, NJ 08079

For a step back in time to a slower time and relaxing during the summer, Hudock’s Custard Stand is for you.

Going to Hudock’s is a step back in time to long warm summers and enjoying nature that surrounds us.

The hamburgers and fries are amazing! Especially when dining outside on the picnic tables.

Hudock’s Custard Stand menu in 2022-Their prices are so reasonable for their customers. It’s nice to see a restaurant be fair with their prices in this economy. Kudos to them!

Dining on a Shoestring in the New York City area

Hudock’s Custard Stand

544 Salem Quinton Road

Salem, NJ 08079

(856) 935-5224

Open: (Seasonal) Sunday-Saturday 10:00am-10:00pm (will close in October)

My review on TripAdvisor:

I love this classic little Jersey food stand! Talk about character!

The one thing about Hudock’s Custard Stand is that it is a piece of New Jersey nostalgia to a time when things were just a little slower and when you visit, they still are. When people come here to dine, there is not a cellphone in site and people sit in the chairs or at the picnic tables and just talk to one another. Or admire the beautiful views of the surrounding farms. On a warm sunny day, there is nothing like a cup of ice cream or a footlong hot dog to make you forget your troubles.

Where you order food at Hudock’s

Hudock’s keeps things simple and friendly when you…

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Dennis Township Old School House Museum 681 Petersburg Road Woodbine, NJ 08270

Don’t miss this charming little museum in Woodbine, NJ with its look into a small farming community over the last 300 years.

The Dennis Township Old School House Museum at 681 Petersburg Road in downtown Woodbine, NJ

Visiting a Museum: The Unique, Unusual, Obscure and Historical

Dennis Township Old School House Museum

681 Petersburg Road

Woodbine, NJ 08270

(609) 861-1899

Open: Every First and Third Saturday of the Month (Please check with the website on weather conditions)

Admission: Free but donations accepted

My review on TripAdvisor:

I have been wanting this charming little museum for several months. This is one of the featured historical museums in Southern New Jersey. The museum is representing the local farming and manufacturing industries as well as life in a farming community at the turn of the last century.

The museum was started in 1994 in a partnership with the town of Woodbine, NJ and houses the history of Dennis Township. It is an all-volunteer museum, and the docents were really helpful describing all the displays that surround this small former schoolhouse. Their Friends of the Dennis Township Museum group does a nice job walking you around the museum…

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