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Carolina Foods LLC for Duchess Foods for Powder and Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Don’t miss the delicious baked products from Carolina Foods LLC Duchess Baked Goods Division. They are excellent.

You have to try their Powdered and Cinnamon Donuts. They are excellent!

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Carolina Foods LLC

1807 South Tryon Street

Charlotte, NC 28203


Duchess Baked Goods

On a recent trip to Dollar Tree, I came across these delicious Donuts both in the Powered flavor and in the Cinnamon flavor and both were delicious. Sweet, soft and pillowy, these donuts have you eating almost the whole bag in one sitting.

These bite sized wonders are half the price of Tasty Cake and Hostess brands and the quality is excellent. They are loaded with sugar coating on each donut and the flavor of the dough is rich and sweet with a vanilla cake flavor. These are a perfect snack in the morning or an after meal treat for dessert.

I have now been looking around for their other products as they are known for their honey buns and their fruit pies. Let the search begin.

Mission Statement:

At Carolina Foods, we make all…

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Recipe 53 Caramel Corn and Double Cheddar Jody’s Gourmet Popcorn 2842 Cromwell Road Norfolk, VA 23509

Don’t miss the delicious flavors of Jody’s Gourmet Popcorn.

The Double Cheddar and the Recipe 53 Caramel Corn are the best!

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Jody’s Gourmet Popcorn

2842 Cromwell Road

Norfolk, VA 23509


I have been coming to the New York Fancy Food Show for over a decade and over the years many vendors have stood out. One of them is Jody’s Gourmet Popcorn.

I had met Jody and her husband at the food show back when the company was really small around 2006 or 2007 and fell in love with both their Double Cheddar Popcorn and their Caramel Corn, which were some of the few products in a small line that has just kept growing. It is fun to watch a small company get bigger and more successful over time especially when you like their owners.

The Caramel Corn is so rich and buttery and the caramel tastes almost like a cross between toffee and maple syrup. It has such a great crunch to it. The best part is that…

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My Mochi Ice Cream by My/Mochi

Don’t miss these delightful ice cream treats with a double layer of sweetness.

My favorite flavor is the Mint Chocolate Chip Mochi with its accented taste of mint combined with the rich milk chocolate chips giving it a wonderful flavor.

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My Mochi Ice Cream

5563 Alcoa Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90058

My Mochi Ice Cream

On a recent trip to the frozen food aisle, I came across My Mochi Ice Cream that were on sale. I had tasted these at the Fancy Food Show a few times not remembering if this was the company I had tried when I was there. These delightful little rolls of ice cream are a wonderful afternoon or snack treat.

These sweet vanilla ice cream-based nuggets are wrapped in a sweet rice dough that is naturally colored to reflect the flavor of the ice cream. What brings out the flavor of the rice dough is combination of sweet rice flour and cane sugar that combines with the milk, cream and cane sugar used to make their ice cream bases. Each one of these creamy bite size treats has two layers of sweetness and make…

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