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Good Natured Selects Puffs and Vegables by Herr Foods Inc.

Don’t miss adding this innovative line of salty and cheesy snacks to your grocery cart next time you are at the supermarket.

Herr Foods Inc.



The Good Natured Selects ‘Vegables’ will have any picky child eating their vegetables.

Add this to your Grocery List!

Good Natured Selects by Herr Foods Inc.

20 Herr Drive

Nottingham, PA 19362





When I was at the Specialty Foods Sumer Fancy Food Show this summer, there were many innovative snack companies that have been created manufacturing and marketing all sorts of chips, crackers and popcorn snacks of all flavors. Even the bigger companies are coming out with more specialty lines when Herr Foods introduced the ‘Good Natured’ line of snacks in 2013.

This selection of various flavored snack foods is a wonderful and diverse selection of tastes and shapes. The two that stood out for me at the show were the ‘Vegables’, which are small crispy triangles with the flavor of spinach, carrots and tomatoes with a slight saltiness and a fantastic crunch.

These delightful snacks have such a colorful appearance and when you bite into them pop in your mouth. Flavored with vegetables, these…

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