Empanada Sumprema in the Garment District

Empanada Sumprema Cart on the corner of Broadway & West 38th Street (Weekdays only)

If you love empanadas or just need a quick cheap meal, stop by Empanada Supreme on the corner of West 38th Street just off Seventh Avenue. You will have a big smile after eating them!

Empanada stand III

I love his sign and he has the best chicken and beef empanadas.

empanada stand II

Dining on a Shoestring in the New York City area

Empanada Sumprema Cart

On the corner of Broadway & West 38th Street

New York, NY 10011

Open: From Monday-Friday only

My review on TripAdvisor review:


I came across this little stand when I was walking around midtown Manhattan on West 38th Street, which is a treasure trove of reasonable restaurants that cater to the Garment District employees and tourists.

empanada stand iii

From 10th Avenue to 5th Avenue there are all sorts of small restaurants and stands that are mentioned on this blog.

The empanadas are freshly fried in small batches as they sell so they are always hot, fresh and crisp. At $2.00, they are a steal. They are large and filled with ground spiced beef, chopped spiced pieces of white meat breast of chicken and others are filled with cheeses. Three of them can make a complete meal with a soda. Make sure you ask for his hot sauce as…

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