Shanghai Chinese Restaurant 1388 2nd Street New York, NY 10021

In honor in Small Business Saturday, I am featuring wonderful restaurants that are reasonable in New York City.

Dining on a Shoe String in NYC

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
1388 2nd Street
New York, NY 10021
Telephone:(212) 288-8066/639-9418

While I was walking for my project, ‘”, I came across the Shanghai Chinese Restaurant at 1388 2nd Avenue. It is a non-descriptive restaurant that sits behind some fencing on the road (they are fixing this part of 2nd Avenue) and when you walk in, there is a counter and three small tables to sit and enjoy your lunch. The place is no different from the dozens of other Chinese take out places all over the City. In fact, I almost bypassed it for another restaurant but it always seemed so busy with the hospital around the corner. So I decided to try it (See reviews on TripAdvisor).

The food and service are both wonderful. I could not believe the portion sizes as well. They were huge! I could not believe how large the lunch specials are…

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