Day Two Hundred and Thirty-Six: Completing “The Great Saunter Walk” officially: 32 miles in the rain! May 7th, 2022

This was the first year that “The Great Saunter Walk”, the 32-mile perimeter walk around the entire island took place since 2019. Since I had done the walk twice on my own, actually doing more of the walk than was required. This year I wanted to make it official.

I officially finished “The Great Saunter Walk” in May of 2022

The problem was by the time I wanted to sign up for the walk, it was completely sold out. So, I was put on a waiting list. With a prediction of rain all day (and it did rain all day!), many people dropped out before the event occurred, so I got to sign up. On a very gloomy Saturday morning, I got to the Frances Tavern at 7:30am to register and start the walk by the entrance of the Staten Island ferry.

Rather than rewrite the whole day, I updated the blog that I have written over the last two years and added to it. I hope you all enjoy my journey around the most famous island on earth on the gloomiest and rainy day ever. I hope you enjoy the journey!

My story of my walk around Manhattan island:

“The Great Saunter Walk”:

3 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred and Thirty-Six: Completing “The Great Saunter Walk” officially: 32 miles in the rain! May 7th, 2022

  1. Great news, Justin! You talked about wanting to officially do this walk and you DID! Too bad it was a gloomy rainy day, but nice that the weather got you in. Younger son, Michael flew in from SF for the weekend and it rained the entire time. Oh well, he still enjoyed himself with friends . Take care ! Enjoy the week! Lucy

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    1. Dear Lucy,

      Let me put it this way, I am still drying out from the walk, and it made me so stiff. I have to walk around to loosen up. It rained ALL DAY LONG and all of us who finished were drenched. I had to travel an hour home and put everything into the dryer.

      Still, it was an amazing walk and I felt good from the exercise point. Like I said in my blog, thank God I ran into the other walker, and we helped each other finish the journey.

      I hope you enjoyed the read.


      Justin Watrel

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